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We will hold your hand along your immigration journey to Canada. What makes LGT Immigration stands out is that our service is priced per case instead of per hour as done by other immigration consultants. Here at LGT Immigration, we focus on our customer's success and satisfaction. Discover our services below about how we can help you move to Canada as a skilled worker.

Full-Serviced Express Entry Assistance

If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, this package will be a perfect fit for you. This package offers you with a comprehensive and personalized service from us serving as your authorized representative to an access to our premium consultation.

Permanent Residence Application Review

Having a regulated immigration consultant with expertise in the PR application process reviewing your application will save your time and money and eliminate unnecessary stress in case problems arise due to mistakes in your application. Get in touch with us to review your PR application and experience our affordable and fast service!

Immigration Consultation

We will help you find the best pathway to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. With our expertise in Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Programs, as well as our commitment to stay updated with the most current immigration programs and policy, we will find you the best pathway to immigrate to Canada and help you save your time and money.

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Express immigration to reward your skills

Express Entry

Express Entry is the most traditional and the most popular route that people take to immigrate to Canada as skilled immigrants. This pathway is suitable for people with a solid background and proven work experience in a high-demand job or industry. One of the key benefits of applying to the Express Entry Program is that it only requires one applicant to apply in a case where you want to bring your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent child(ren) with you to Canada.

If you think you have what Canada is looking for, click the link below to check your eligibility and start creating your Express Entry profile today. If you need any advice or help along the way, we are here to help!

How the Express Entry Program Woks

FAQ About Express Entry Program

How can I increase my chance of being invited to apply for PR?
First, you must be eligible to apply for one of the Express Entry programs. Second, your CRS score must rank among the highest scores at for the round of invitation that you are applying to. Also, if you are applying through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must earn the highest score for the six selection factors.
What documents do I need to apply for PR?
The IRCC has a list of specific documents that all applicants should consult while preparing their application. The list can be found here.
How much can my work experience and job title influence the application?
Your job title and recent work experience will significantly affect your application outcome. You should familiarize yourself with how IRCC categorizes jobs into different skill levels in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. You will also need to use the NOC equivalent of your job title and NOC job code on your application.
Is there a deadline to submit the online Express Entry profile?
Yes, you must submit your online profile within 60 days. If you don't meet the deadline, you will have to start over again.
How long does it take to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry Program?
The length of the PR application process for the Express Entry Program takes around 6 months. However, the total length of your application process will also depend on the readiness of your documents and how quick you submit the Express Entry profile.

Find a Job in Canada

Now that you know all the info, it's time to find a job in Canada!
Important: We only work with skilled worker clients who already have a job offer.

Get nominated to immigrate as Skilled Worker

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Each Canadian province and territory has its own immigration program for foreign skilled workers. Most Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) allow you to directly apply for nomination at your choice of province or territory, except Québec which has its own immigration program. If your application is successful, the province or territory will nominate you to apply for permanent residence status through the IRCC.

As there are many PNP streams for workers, please familiarize yourself with the programs offered by the province of your interest and be sure to understand all requirements, qualifications, documentation, and the application process. You can visit the official website listed below for more information about each PNP program.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

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IMPORTANT: Immigration to Yukon can only be made through an employer. The following links are actually for employers but they also contain important information regarding employment eligibility and worker benefits that will be useful to your planning. If you are an eligible employee, you can start finding a job and employer on YuWin and EmploymentCentral.

Québec is a very unique province in Canada with a rich history and culture, did we mention that it has its own laws? Immigrating to Québec is not too difficult at all. As a foreign skilled worker, you can immigrate to Québec by applying to the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP). You can learn more about RSWP by reading the official RSWP website.

After you have received your Certificat de Sélection, you can then apply for permanent residence at IRCC.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a Canadian immigration program that makes it easier for foreign workers to immigrate to Canada by working in one of Canada's Atlantic provinces:

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador
  2. Prince Edward Island
  3. Nova Scotia
  4. New Brunswick

FAQ About Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Where can I find designated employers?

[Limit reached for 2020]

IMPORTANT: No new applications will be accepted at this moment. Please check the program status with the IRCC to see when they will start accepting new applications.

Agriculture plays a substantial role in the Canadian economy and Canada has never ceased looking for more workers to meet the current demand for labour force. If you are an experienced worker in the agri-food industry, the Agri-Food Pilot program is perfect for you.

Please note that this program will run until May 2023.

Fast way for the foreign caregivers and their family to move to Canada

[This program is closed for new applicants]

This program allows foreign caregivers with two years of live-in caregiver experience in Canada apply for the Permanent Resident status and bring their family to Canada.

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