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One of the Best Countries to Start a Business

Canada is always seeking high-potential entrepreneurs and investors to join the Canadian economy and create more career opportunities for Canadian residents. Young businesses in Canada will also receive a great amount of governmental support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Read more below to find out about immigration programs for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.

Get nominated to immigrate

Each Canadian province and territory has its own immigration "stream" for entrepreneurs and business people who wish to start a new business or acquire an existing business within that province or territory. In contrast to the Start-Up Visa Program, PNP works by giving a successful applicant "a nomination" to apply to IRCC to become Permanent Resident.

The level of complexity and the ease of getting your application approved will depend on the province or territory you are applying to. For more information about how to apply for PNP, you can find out more on the provincial government listed below.

How is this program different from Start-Up Visa Program?
The major difference is that each Canadian province and territory runs its own immigrant nominee program. The requirements and application process of PNP in each province and territory are different from each other while the application process for Start-Up Visa Program is more straightforward (but also more challenging as you need to secure support from a designated organization).
Do I need to find a designated organization?
Mostly no. You don't need a designated organization to apply for PNP at any province or territory except for Alberta's Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream (FGSVS) where you will need to work with one of the Approved Designated Agencies listed on the FGSVS website. For other provinces and territories, you will have prove your business idea directly to the province and territory in order get nominated.
Do I need to have prior experience running a business?
Yes, you must have an experience running a business. This also applies for international students looking to apply for the International Graduate Entrepreneur stream at any province. If your dream is to immigrate as an entrepreneur, the best advice we can give is that you should get the relevant experience at your home country first.
Is there an application fee for PNP?
Yes, there is are fees associated with PNP application and the amount of application fee will depend on the province or territory you are applying for, and which PNP stream or sub-category you are applying to. After you get nomination from the province/territory, you will have to apply for the Permanent Residence status at IRCC. The IRCC is currently charging $1,325 for PNP application.
How long does the application process for PNP usually take?
The time it will take you to immigrate as an entrepreneurship-based provincial nominee will vary greatly as different provinces and territories have different PNP program requirements and procedures. After you get the nomination and apply to IRCC, the application process with the IRCC will take 15-19 months.

Québec has its own juridical legal system and does not operate under common Canadian laws shared between the other provinces and territories. Therefore, the Start-Up Visa Program does not apply if you want to immigrate to Québec. However, business immigration in Québec is not any more complicated than in the other parts of Canada. Québec allows foreign entrepreneurs to immigrate to start a new business or acquire a business in Québec.


Build the Future for Yourself and Others

Canada awards high-potential entrepreneurs with a fast-tracked immigration pathway through the Start-Up Visa Program.The processing time for this program is only 12-16 months, which is much shorter than most immigration programs.

To be qualified for this program, your business must:

Be innovative
Provide career opportunites to Canadians
Competitive at a global scale

How to Be Eligible for Start-Up Visa Program

  • 1
    Have a Qualifying Business
    In order for your business to qualify, you must meet the following conditions:
      Your business is incorporated in Canada.
      You provide active management from within Canada.
      In case you are applying for a multi-owner company, up to 5 owners are allowed and each owner must hold 10% or more of the voting rights on corporate shares outstanding at the time when you get a commitment from a designated organization.
      The owner(s) and the designated organization jointly hold more than 50% of the voting rights on all outstanding corporate shares at the time you get a commitment.
  • 2
    Obtain a Letter of Support from a Designated Organization

    Find a business investment organization from a list of designated organization curated by IRCC that is likely to support you business idea

    Contact the designated organization and ask about how to get the support
    Persuade the organization to support your business idea
    Get the Letter of Support from the organization and include it the application for Start-Up Visa program
    The designated organization will directly send a commitment certificate to IRCC.
    Standby and be ready to give more business information to IRCC upon request
  • 3
    Be Proficient in One of Canada's Official Languages

    Take a language test from an approved agency

    Use your test scores to find your CLB level

    Your language proficiency for either English or French must be at least at CLB level 5 for all of speaking, reading, listening, and writing.
    Include the results in your Start-Up Visa application
  • 4
    Be in Good Financial Health

    You will be required to show evidence that you are able to financially support yourself and your family when you come to Canada. The Government of Canada does not give financial support to the newcomers from the Start-Up Visa program.

    Please consult the official Start-Up Visa Program website to find out how much money you need to bring to Canada.

How much does the Start-Up Visa Program cost?
The base application fee for the Start-Up Visa Program is $2,075. The entire application process may cost more depending on your needs and circumstances.
What happens if I don't have a Letter of Support and a commitment certificate?
Your application needs both to be considered. Any missing documentation will result in your application getting refused.
Should I submit my application even though I don't meet the minimum language requirement?
No, the achievement of the minimum level of language requirement is compulsory.
When should I start contacting the designated organization?
You should contact the designated organization as soon as possible. And, ideally, you should be in contact with more than one designated organization so you have more chance of getting support for your business idea.
Does the application process vary from province to province?
As the Start-Up Visa Program revolves around business plan development, the application process will vary based on the type of business, the designated organization you are working with, and how likely is your business going to success in that province.

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